“Pristine Pink Paperclip”

18 Aug

Okay, I kinda go on a rabbit trail here but stay with me!
The other night I was checking to see if I could find someone to trade with and I found and ad the started with “Pristine Pink Paperclip” It just said he had a paperclip to trade so I sent the following email:

“Good luck in your quest what is your final goal? You can see my story at sorry I dont want to trade my hockey guys for your paper clip but I will offer you a something once I know your story!”

He respond with the following:

“Hi there!
well it started with my dad tellin me a story about how a man turned his coffee mug into a car and i thought that was really neat, so it has lingered in my head for a while and while me and my dad were having a garage sale this weekend, this little girl and her father came in and looked around and eventually the father bought an item i forget what it was now, but when he opened his wallet a few paperclips fell out. the little girl picked them up and then she looked at one, and then gave it to me and smiled. I looked at the paperclip and i just got a wierd feeling, it was just a paperclip, but i felt it would bring me good luck. so i thought about, i get my drivers in april next year, and me and my dad want to buy a classic car to fix up and work on so i can have a car next and we can spend some quality time working on the car together, so i looked at the paperclip and thought it would be a start 🙂 I mean if others can do it, why cant I try? so thats my story so far, hopefully it will go further, but i figure that if I work hard, its worth a shot! oh and you story is amazing thats exactly what i want to accomplish, but i noticed that somebody else already turned a paperclip into a car haha but who knows how far it will go. Anyways thanks for reading my story and get back to me when you can 🙂

The result was:


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