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Then it hit me…

30 Jul

…THE RED PAPER CLIP. Yeah that guy that traded his way from a red paper clip to a house. I am sure you know the storey. If not, here is his red paper clip blog. So, if he can do that, I can trade my way from a king size mattress to a trip for 5 to Disneyland for a week or $12,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Off to buy another mattress!

13 Jul

I am sure you have been there. You know, you buy something and as soon as you get it home you know it not’s not exactely right but to try and save face you make it work….. but then, the day comes (sooner than later!) that you have to admit you made a mistake (arggghhh!) and you need to replace it.

That day came for me today. After weeks of giving back rubs, stuffing pillows and even a board between the boxspring and mattress – off to Sear’s we went. See, my wife (wahhhh!) has a screwed up back and the damn mattress set I bought less than a year ago was too soft for her apparantly….. (Waahhhhh! $$$$)

WOW!! So get this, there are companies that make king size mattresses with one side soft and the other side firm!!! (The soft side is for me – and who said guys aren’t sensitive?? ) Problem solved! Well that one at least…..

Now, the pressing issue became what to do with the old king size? The last bed I got rid of  I “burnt up” in my fireplace last year. Well, kinda, I traded it for a load of firewood. So, I figured what the heck, I did so well last time what amzaing and wonderous somethings might someone offer……. so, I posted it for trade on Kijiji.