On paper we are there!!

07 Dec

There being Disneyland that is! I was able to trade the ring for $10,000 of retail canvas art. All I have to do is sell it at full retail! Or make a trade! What do you have to trade.


Six hockey players and ring!

15 Oct

Well it took some time but I  was finally able to trade my six hocky guys for a very nice ring we will have to see where this leads!


“Pristine Pink Paperclip”

18 Aug

Okay, I kinda go on a rabbit trail here but stay with me!
The other night I was checking to see if I could find someone to trade with and I found and ad the started with “Pristine Pink Paperclip” It just said he had a paperclip to trade so I sent the following email:

“Good luck in your quest what is your final goal? You can see my story at sorry I dont want to trade my hockey guys for your paper clip but I will offer you a something once I know your story!”

He respond with the following:

“Hi there!
well it started with my dad tellin me a story about how a man turned his coffee mug into a car and i thought that was really neat, so it has lingered in my head for a while and while me and my dad were having a garage sale this weekend, this little girl and her father came in and looked around and eventually the father bought an item i forget what it was now, but when he opened his wallet a few paperclips fell out. the little girl picked them up and then she looked at one, and then gave it to me and smiled. I looked at the paperclip and i just got a wierd feeling, it was just a paperclip, but i felt it would bring me good luck. so i thought about, i get my drivers in april next year, and me and my dad want to buy a classic car to fix up and work on so i can have a car next and we can spend some quality time working on the car together, so i looked at the paperclip and thought it would be a start ūüôā I mean if others can do it, why cant I try? so thats my story so far, hopefully it will go further, but i figure that if I work hard, its worth a shot! oh and you story is amazing thats exactly what i want to accomplish, but i noticed that somebody else already turned a paperclip into a car haha but who knows how far it will go. Anyways thanks for reading my story and get back to me when you can ūüôā

The result was:


Trade six McFarlane for…

10 Aug

What will this get traded for

Date Listed 09-Aug-10
Last Edited 09-Aug-10
Price Please contact
Address Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Ad ID 222745854


…. a trip for five to Disneyland for a week. I know it might take a few more trade but that is the goal!
What do you have for trade that most people would value more then six McFarlane but you don’t?
  • Patrick Roy Series 5 Montreal Canadiens white jersey Y09960584
  • Patrick Roy Series 6 Avalanche white jersey Y13744751
  • Yvan Cournoyer Legends Series 1 red jersey Y27550813
  • Jarome Iginla Series 4 Calgary white jersey Y06438647
  • Mark Messier Series 3 New York Rangers blue jersey Y03305550
  • Jeremy Rodenick vs Marty Turco Series 6 Limited Edition Y10156460
Only interested in trading something for all of them.
Trades to date.
  1. King size mattress for six McFarlane’s Hockey Set
  2. six McFarlane’s Hockey Set for ???
What do you have for trade that most people would value more then six McFarlane but you don’t?


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First trade is in the books…

10 Aug

…now onto small and better things. The king size mattress is gone and I now have six McFarlane hockey guys thanks to Jeff Whipple.

The first trade

Jeff, may you or who ever you give the mattress to have many good night sleeps.

Now to get the ad on to Kijiji


Close to a first trade

09 Aug

Well, it looks like the first trade is going to take place tomorrow or Tuesday. One King size mattress going out of the garage and 3 or 4 Hockey McFarlane hockey pieces coming in. Be sure to let any McFarlene/hockey fans you know!


King Size Mattress trade for….

06 Aug
Date Listed 03-Aug-10
Price Swap / Trade
Address Edmonton, AB T5Y 2P3, Canada
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For Sale By Owner

Ad ID 221585108

…. a trip¬†for five to¬†Disneyland for a week. I know it might take a few trades, but that is the goal! What do you have for trade that most people would value more than a king size mattress set – but you don’t?
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Page Views: 59
Emails Replies: 6
Phone Calls: 1
Trades/Deals in the Works:
  • Several collectable hockey¬†items
  • Accordian (but dont know anything about it)

Then it hit me…

30 Jul

…THE RED PAPER CLIP. Yeah that guy that traded his way from a red paper clip to a house. I am sure you know the storey. If not, here is his red paper clip blog. So, if he can do¬†that, I can trade my way from a king size mattress to a trip for 5 to Disneyland for a week or $12,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Off to buy another mattress!

13 Jul

I am sure you have been there. You know, you buy something and as soon as you get it home you know it not’s not exactely¬†right but to try and save face you make it work….. but then, the day comes (sooner than later!) that you have to admit you made a mistake (arggghhh!) and you need to replace it.

That day came for me today. After weeks of giving back rubs, stuffing pillows and even a board between the boxspring and mattress – off to Sear’s we went. See, my wife (wahhhh!) has a screwed up back and the damn mattress set¬†I bought less than a year ago was too soft for her apparantly….. (Waahhhhh! $$$$)

WOW!! So get this, there are companies that make king size mattresses¬†with one side¬†soft and the other side firm!!! (The soft side is for me – and who said guys aren’t sensitive?? ) Problem solved! Well that one at least…..

Now, the pressing issue became what to do with the old king size? The last bed I got rid of¬† I “burnt up” in my fireplace last year. Well, kinda, I traded it for a load of firewood. So, I figured what the heck, I did so well last time what amzaing and wonderous somethings might someone offer……. so, I posted it for trade on Kijiji.